To promote and foster the science and enjoyment of astronomy for the
community through education and encouragement.

To provide facilities that enable the community to
participate in astronomy.

To support schools by providing astronomical science activities which
complement the school curriculum and other educational facilities.

To contribute to international astronomy by providing tourists and
overseas astronomers with clear views of the Southern Hemisphere sky.

To provide a learning centre at the observatory. This is an all
weather venue, which enables us to host visitors during poor

Audio/visual equipment enables a variety of presentations, by
members and visitors to all of our community.

We have space at the observatory to accommodate
large school classes and public groups and access for those with disabilities.

To increase in the number of visitors, including schools,
tourists, local groups and overseas visitors.

Through feedback from our visitors, we can judge our success.

The community benefits from having a facility to learn about, enjoy and
understand the universe and science of astronomy.

We support the local council’s objective of creating a “ Diverse, creative
and active community” by providing a facility and venue to accommodate
activities, which provides the community with support for events and